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Who We Are 


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Dr. Tanya Horeck

is Associate Professor of Film, Media & Culture. She works on digital violence in contemporary film and media culture, with a particular interest in questions of affective labour and response.


Her current work explores the complex processes by which violence is mediated across multiple online platforms. Her research interests include: rape culture and digital feminist activism, true crime, documentary; celebrity culture; contemporary film and TV.

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Dr. Tina Kendall

is Associate Professor of Film & Media. Her research addresses questions of negative affect, violence, and spectatorship in contemporary cinema and media.


Her current research project focuses on boredom and the attention economy of twenty-first-century media.


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Dr. Sean Campbell

is Associate Professor of Media and Culture and Research Convenor in Film and Media.


He works on popular music in the digital era and is interested in questions of ethnicity, gender, music and new technologies.


Dr. Mareike Jenner

is Senior Lecturer in Media Studies. She works on contemporary television with a special interest in video-on-demand, binge-watching, and streaming services.


She is currently researching a book under the working title ‘TV IV: Television and Video-on-Demand.’ 


Jenny Nightingale

is Senior Lecturer in Film and Media Studies. Jenny graduated from the MFA at the Slade School of Fine Art and is a creative practitioner and experimental animator.

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Professor Patricia MacCormack

Patricia has published extensively in the areas of continental philosophy (especially Deleuze, Guattari, Serres, Irigaray, Lyotard, Kristeva, Blanchot, Ranciere), feminism, queer theory, posthuman theory, horror film, body modification, animal rights/abolitionism, cinesexuality and ethics.


Currently she is working on a new impact case study on inclusivity in mental health and criminal justice especially in relation with issues of sexual difference and Trans rights.


Dr. Simon Payne

is Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies. He is an experimental filmmaker, whose work has shown in cinemas, museums and galleries worldwide.


His work typically explores fundamental aesthetics of digital imaging by way of incisive cutting, abstraction and colour fields. He has written widely on experimental film and video and occasionally curates film programmes.

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Sarah Gibson Yates

is a Lecturer in Film, Media and Writing. Her research interests centre on narrative making in fiction, film and digital contexts. With a background in film making, film programming and film production teaching, her research focuses on creative writing and digital technologies, with a special interest in young adult literature and worlds-based approaches to discourse.


Her current research investigates how young people use text-as-world discourse to construct identities online and considers the impact this can have on their real world lives.



Jussi Parikka

University of Winchester 


Caetlin Benson-Allott

Georgetown University 


Joss Hands

Newcastle University


Deborah Jermyn

Roehampton University 


Helen Wood

University of Leicester


Susanna Paasonen

University of Turku


Nabeel Zuberi 

University of Auckland